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Volunteers Rejuvenate Track Truck

Hello racers! Well it's been a busy off season. First, Southwest Motorsport has COMPLETELY changed the official website. The address is the same but that’s all! I recommend that you check out the new one-we have updated the pics and all the software that runs in the background to the latest IT stuff. We will also be using this same system to send out all club communications. If you read this and you are not on the all club list, and want to be, please let us know so that you can be added.

In addition Southwest Motorsport, working together with our generous sponsors Travers Mechanical, Car Crafters and Yearwood Performance, have performed some badly needed maintenance on the track truck. After some trials and tribulations and with the guidance of Mike out at Sandia Raceway, Mike Travers hauled that monster down to Car Crafters where Jim Guthrie met the caravan that included Tom Wolicki and club president Gary Sanford. Jim said "don't worry, we'll give it the once-over". A generous donation of parts from Yearwood Performance allowed the leaky carburetor to be replaced (including a new air cleaner), electronic ignition put in, oil change, and more. In just a couple short weeks new life was breathed into the track truck-well it still smokes so don't breath close to the exhaust. But it's running great! To get it back to the track club member Fred Cordova took his BIG trailer down and picked it up. Thank you Fred! The track truck is ready for a big year out at Sandia!



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