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Annual Pre-tech, Licensing, Corner Workers and Instructor Training, Test and Tune

Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021 Time: 10 AM until 2 PM Location: Sandia Speedway Time to get ready! Southwest Motorsport is conducting the annual pre-technical inspections (plus) for club racers and race cars. These important annual inspections will be performed under the supervision of the Technical Inspector for the club. Items inspected will include those listed in the Driver and Race car safety requirements posted on the Southwest Motorsports web page. Note that Helmets must meet Snell 2015 or newer, Hans devices 5 years, Belts: FIA 5 years, SFI 2 years. At successful completion of the inspections, the car and log book will be annotated. If you need a new car logbook please be sure to bring a filled out eligibility form from the website forms section and 3X5” quarter pics of the car. Inspections will be performed from 10:00 until all are completed. For the 2021 racing season, Southwest Motorsport will continue the new inspection process begun in 2019. For cars and drivers that have successfully completed the full annual pre-technical inspection, no track day inspection will be required unless something significant has been altered on the race car. The driver will be responsible to show the car log book with successful 2021 annual pre technical inspection documentation at race registration only. In addition, Southwest Motorsport will conduct corner worker training and instructor training. Corner worker training starts at 10:00 and instructor training follows at 12:30. Please note that the corner worker training will include use of a fire extinguisher and safety features of race cars. Family members who are interested in learning fire extinguisher 101 will be trained also! For those interested in Paying It Forward and helping the club with instruction, we are conducting an instructor training clinic. Topics to be covered will include: -Overview of the current driver training programs -Review of the HPDE and competition licensing classroom presentations -Driving the lead car in the lead/follow sessions -Driving instructor cars during the licensing school sessions -Right seat skills -Helping students practice deliberately -Common challenges that students face and how to overcome them -Open discussion about possible improvements to the programs Instructing is a great way to support the club, get to meet new members and get some extra track time. If you have a current competition license, come on out, participate in the clinic and find out how you can support this valuable program. Southwest Motorsport membership and licensing representatives will be present to take annual club membership ($50) and competition license renewal fees ($50) and answer questions related to either. Having the pre-tech at the track this year will allow drivers to test and tune at the track Saturday, this will be per the Sandia normal rules and fees which include becoming a member of the track and a daily track fee. Phew-we’re going to be busy! Come out, get your car and safety equipment inspected, get your fees done, test and tune, check out the competition! We’ll have our 2020 commemorative HATS and other SWMS SWAG out there-FREE! SWMS is providing PIZZA and drinks at the track for lunch-FREE! A second set of eyes on the most important parts of your car is a pretty dang good idea before putting it out there on the track! We’ll have the fancy, printed schedules for the 2021 SWMS year available at no charge! Hear all about the start of the 2021 SWMS season on the recent episode of ESPN Radio 101.7 FM: The New Mexico Motorsports Report with Host David Swope!


But wait, there’s more! There WILL be a winter series event held on Sunday April 25. Sandia has allowed racers who are so inclined to camp at the track Saturday night (no fee). Normal winter series fees will apply ($100 for the day). If you are planning to be out Sunday please let Mike Travers know at, schedule for that event to follow.

I don’t know about you but I intend to be ready for our first SWMS event at Sandia Speedway May 21/22/23! Announcement for that event also will follow soon.

We will use masks and social distancing while at the track and Sandia Speedway will be using their waiver system.



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