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Fast Heat V, August 27th and 28th, Sandia Speedway

Date: August 27th and 28th

Location: Sandia Speedway; Albuquerque, NM

Racers! Don’t put those cars away just yet! Fast Heat V is coming your way August 27 – 28!


We are expecting all run groups to be participating, including Legends. There will be training available, also. The specifics will be TBD (licensing, lead/follow, etc.) as soon as we have those details.


As you all might recall, for the Fast Heat races, rather than have a bunch of t-shirts made and then hope the membership buys them, or having them available at some future clearance sale (I’ve gotten some great SWMS shirts that way), I create the design myself and make it available to the membership through If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, you can go to the following link and pick out your color, size, style, etc. The design is consistent with the previous Fast Heat themes but with its own specifics.


If you know anyone who would like to support the race as a Corner Marshall, please let Tom Wolicki know. He is the Chief of Workers. Tom has performed many miracles securing adequate coverage on the corners so we can have our fun on a complete track. But if we can help him avoid having to perform miracles that would be very much appreciated!


Register through Motorsportreg at:

I look forward to racing with you all!

-Scott Claunch, #33

Race Chair, Fast Heat V




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