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Karting Kraziness, September 23rd and 24th, Suika Circuit, ABQ

Karting Kraziness 2023 is next weekend, on September 23rd and 24th. Now is the time to register if you will be racing! Action-packed Spec Miata, fantastic Vintage racing, blistering fast Contemporary, wheel-to-wheel Legends, full throttle karts, pedal-to-the metal street cars, SWMS has a class for everyone. The September race weekend has some of the best weather and conditions all season. A couple of quick notes:

  • This is the last weekend with the full suite of SWMS schools, both High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) AND Competition Licensing School (CLS). If you are ready to get your SWMS competition license, now is your chance! If you want to attend one of our schools, please email Steve Marino (

  • This is the second to the last race of the 2023 SWMS race summer season, and also the final race weekend to collect points leading into the 2023 Miata Mayhem super weekend finale in October.

  • SWMS is progressing towards going cashless, which means MSR is more crucial than ever to ensure a smooth start to the day and proper transponder assignments for SWMS points. While on MSR, help us by spending a minute to make sure your profile details, transponder, car number/type/class are up to date, too.

-SWMS Board ------------ Plan for the driver’s meeting to be held at 8:30AM both days with workers and cars to the track shortly after.

  • Please register early so we can determine the race line up prior to the race day.

  • Register for the race on MSR. It is easy and very quick.

  • Weekend cost will be $325 for cars (racing or HPDE) and $225 for karts.

  • Single day costs are $175 cars and $125 karts.

Workers that are planning to attend, please coordinate with Tom Wolicki ( We really appreciate your support of SWMS. Drivers and team members cannot thank all our volunteer workers enough for all that you do to help keep the races safe and running efficiently. Thank you! Our race chair for this event is John Colbert ( Feel free to reach out to him for any questions or to make any suggestions for the running of the event. Hope to see everyone for Karting Kraziness 2023 sports car racing and karting at Suika Circuit!




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