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Sandia Super Cup, July 24th and 25th, Sandia Speedway, ABQ

Attention Southwest Motorsport racers, track workers, and students! The next SWMS Sandia race track weekend is approaching. The third annual Sandia Super Cup will be held July 24th and 25th and include a full weekend schedule for all classes including Contemporary, Vintage, Spec Miata, Open Wheel, High Performance Driving, Karts, and Lunch Lapping. The High Performance Driving School and SWMS Licensing Schools are also planned to be held, pending student sign-ups. In addition to the regular race groups the schedule will include the exciting Sandia Super Cup on Sunday! Following the successes of this fun format from prior years, the Sandia Super Cup is a combined classes time handicapped race so that EVERYONE racing has a chance to win. A trophy will be awarded. Plan for the driver's meeting to be held at 8:30AM both days with workers and cars to the track shortly after. The SWMS 2021 race season has had a terrific number of entrants, so let’s keep the momentum going and all get out to the track! Please register as soon as possible if you have not already signed up.

------------------------------------ Registration Method 1 (preferred): Register through Motorsportreg at: Sandia Supercup III ( Registration Method 2 (only if you cannot do #1): Mail your entry and check to SWMS at: PO Box 94676 Albuquerque, NM 87199 Please let Marci Luders know via email ( that you have mailed your form and check if choosing Registration Method 2. ------------------------------------ Workers that are planning to attend, please coordinate with Tom Wolicki ( We really appreciate your support of SWMS. Drivers and team members cannot thank all our volunteer workers enough for all that you do to help keep the races safe and running efficiently. Thank you! Our race chairs for this event are Andrew Sanford ( and Jerry Stoughton ( Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or to make any suggestions for the running of the event. Racing AND a shot at the third iteration of the popular Sandia Super Cup trophy (freshly completed with some ultra-vintage SWMS track truck engine rebuild gems this year), don’t miss it! See you at Sandia Speedway July 24th and 25th!



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