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Southwest Motorsport Sandia Supercup II Review

Sandia Super Cup II a rousing success! Twenty five race cars and nine karts came out to have a COVID safe weekend. And have fun in the process!

In addition to fixing the track truck (well still drips oil), putting into place a new website, new communication system, and implementing a new insurance carrier, Southwest Motorsport successfully put into place many new processes to fully comply with the Sandia Raceway phase 1 opening guidelines. These included a touchless scoring system using Speedhive and new hardware in the tower, on-line registrations, drivers meeting on the PA, staying outdoors, masks and social distancing in accordance with stringent requirements, and a new Sandia Raceway track waiver including no touch temperature checks.

It was a really hot weekend, temperatures in the 100's. We were right on time with an early start and early finish (before the real heat hit) schedule, drivers used cool suits, we figured out how to get karts off the track or restarted in the heat, SWMS provided ice and water for those in need. We successfully did not have any issues with the heat...either. Wow!

SWMS also completely changed the High Performance Driving School format to proactively reshape driver classroom sessions and on-track training in the new COVID environment to now use a Zoom classroom and single-driver Lead/Follow on the track. Three students participated and had REALLY positive feedback on the weekend.

AND we also awarded the Sandia Super Cup II! This year the Super Cup was a 'team format'. Jerry Stoughton and Eben Cahan handicapped the teams. The scores from Saturday's races were used to award the custom trophy (thanks to Andrew Sanford's new welder and a bunch of Saab Viggen engine parts). Just to say how close this actually was, the spread between the top 5 teams was just 6 points! The teams were made up of 4 racers whose finishing place points from their respective races were combined to achieve the highest point total. The winning team was "Hass F1" represented by Larry Pittsley (contemporary), Walt Hollowell (vintage), Dan Girand (vintage) and Gabriel Cahan (karts) with a winning score of 34 points. Congratulations Hass F1!

Southwest Motorsport is looking forward to and preparing for "Fast Heat III" on August 22/23 and we hope to see you out there! Announcements will be out in a couple weeks.

Note: Special social distancing arrangement to permit temporary removal of masks for photographer.



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