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Winter Series Race 2, Suika Circuit, ABQ

January 28th Race Announcement:


With the formal 2023 SWMS racing season concluded, sports car racing transitions to the Winter Series races! Join us again on Sunday, January 28th, 2024 for the next Winter Series race. SWMS is fortunate to have a wonderful partnership with Suika Circuit, who are busy continuing with construction activities and facilities updates.


Continuing in the spirit of prior Winter Series races, the 2023/24 Winter Series will see an abbreviated schedule and a slightly later start time. The scheduling will be flexible and formalized during the driver's meetings, to adjust and best adapt to who is present. Winter Series races are a great way to get out and have fun during the off season, we hope to see everyone out at the track! 


This one-day is open to the following racing divisions, including:

  • Contemporary Racing

  • Vintage Racing

  • Spec Miata Racing

  • Open Wheel Racing

  • Karting Racing

  • Legends Racing

  • High Performance Driving (HPDE Non-Competitive Lapping)

  • Note: Some classes may be combined due to car count

Plan for the driver's meeting to be held a 9:30AM with workers and drivers to the track shortly after.


Our race chair for Winter Series racing is Mike Travers ( Feel free to reach out to him for any questions.


Hope to see everyone at Suika Circuit for road racing in New Mexico!



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