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2024 Season Membership and Licensing Renewals

Updated: Apr 9

Dear SWMS Friends, Volunteers, and Members:


A quick Thursday update on two important topics:



First, we believe we have figured out the MSR arrangements for the new combo 2024 annual membership and race licensing renewals. Please follow the link below to process your renewals. If you prefer to wait, SWMS will also have a live MSR laptop table at the March 23rd Technical Inspection day where we can help too. Please click the following link to access renewals:




Second, SWMS would like your participation in a questionnaire pertaining to traveling race weekends. The SWMS Board is busy preparing for future race seasons and your inputs are greatly valued to best ensure we meet the needs of our members! Please click the following link to take the anonymous survey:




Many thanks,

-SWMS Board



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