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Enchantment Sports Car Weekend, June 29th and 30th, Suika Circuit

A friendly reminder to sign up and join SWMS at Suika Circuit on Saturday and Sunday, June 29th and 30th, 2024 for the next race weekend of the full 2024 SWMS season! Entires are starting to come in on MSR and the racing season is heating up. SWMS is working hard to ensure a fun weekend of racing!


If you haven't been out to Suika Circuit recently, the improvements are impressive and the track is faster than ever! Registration is open on MSR.


This two-day, action packed weekend of motorsports and racing activities is open to the following racing divisions, including:

  • Contemporary Racing

  • Vintage Racing

  • Spec Miata Racing

  • Open Wheel Racing

  • Karting Racing

  • Legends Racing

  • High Performance Driving (HPDE Non-Competitive Lapping)

  • Note: Some classes may be combined due to car count  

Plan for the driver's meeting to be held a 8:30AM with workers and drivers to the track shortly after.


Hope to see everyone at Suika Circuit for the best road racing in New Mexico!



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