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Fast Heat VI, August 27th (Sunday Only), Suika Circuit, ABQ

While SWMS sports car and karting racing takes a bit of a quick break during these hot few weeks in the peak of summer, plenty is happening to get ready for the next SWMS race, Fast Heat VI on Sunday, August 27th. In keeping with the annual festivities for the exciting Fast Heat race event, race chair Scott Claunch and his team have crafted up another amazing t-shirt. Ordering is done on the web at the link below (and bonus hint, there are lots of coupons floating around on a quick Google search which make orders even less expensive). Word is that shipping is fast and a few SWMS members have already had theirs show up. Look for another email to come out once it's a bit closer to Fast Heat VI's weekend with the schedule and other helpful details. In the meantime, we hope SWMS members, volunteers, cars, and karts are all staying cool and getting prepared for racing to resume! -SWMS Board ------------ Plan for the driver’s meeting to be held at 8:30AM Sunday, with workers and cars to the track shortly after. · Please register early so we can determine the race line up prior to the race day · Register for the race on MSR. It is easy and very quick, the link is below. · Single day costs are $175 cars and $125 karts. Workers that are planning to attend, please coordinate with Tom Wolicki ( We really appreciate your support of SWMS. Drivers and team members cannot thank all our volunteer workers enough for all that you do to help keep the races safe and running efficiently. Thank you! Our race chair for this event is Scott Claunch ( Feel free to reach out to him for any questions or to make any suggestions for the running of the event. Hope to see everyone for Suika Super Cup sports car racing and karting at Suika Circuit!


SWMS is a non-profit organization managed and operated by a dedicated team of talented volunteers. We are always looking to fill the following volunteer opportunities for each race weekend. Please reach out to if you or someone you know are interested!




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