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2022 Annual Pre-tech, Licensing, Corner Workers and Instructor Training

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2022

Time: 10 AM until 2 PM

Location: Sandia Speedway

Hello, fellow racers! SWMS will be offering an opportunity for you to complete your annual technical inspection for the 2022 racing season. This is an event that the SWMS board has created that helps all of us owners/drivers to get into the racing events conveniently and lessens the workload for the Technical Inspectors at each racing event.

Demonstrating that your car and equipment meet the important requirements is imperative for you to race this season. For drivers who have successfully completed the full annual pre-technical inspection, no track day inspection will be required unless something significant has been altered on the race car. Please take advantage of this event that has been created by the SWMS board to ensure that the 2022 racing season will be safe, smooth, and easy for all of us.

Driver and Car Requirements:

The technical requirements that pertain to your licensing, personal gear, and car are posted on the SWMS website. Please review these as you will be rigorously evaluated according to these requirements.

For your personal gear, the following are required:

  • Helmet: Must meet Snell 2017 or newer

  • Hanns device: 5 years

  • Belts must have a current SFI 16.1 or FIA 8853 certification

At completion of the technical inspections, your car will be marked and your logbook updated. If you need a new car logbook please be sure to bring a filled out eligibility form from the website forms section and 3X5” quarter pics of the car. Inspections will be performed from 10:00 until all are completed.

For the upcoming racing season, SWMS will continue the new inspection process begun in 2019. For cars and drivers that have successfully completed the full annual pre-technical inspection, no track day inspection will be required unless something significant has been altered on the race car. The driver will be responsible to show the car log book with successful annual pre technical inspection documentation at race registration only.

In addition to the technical inspections SWMS will be offering driver instructor training, licensing and membership renewal services, corner worker training, and fire extinguisher training.

Important Note: Fire extinguisher training will be available for family members as well as SWMS corner workers/participants. These skills are applicable outside of the racing environment.

Membership and Licensing:

SWMS membership and licensing representatives will be present to take annual club membership ($50) and competition license renewal fees ($50) and answer questions related to either.

Driving Instructor Training:

HPDE Instructor Training will be from 10:15 to 11:30

Licensing School Instructor Training will be from 1:00 to 2:00

Steve Marino will coordinate these training sessions. Topics to be covered will include:

  • Overview of the current driver training programs

  • Review of the high-performance driving experience and competition licensing classroom presentations

  • Driving the lead car in the lead/follow sessions

  • Driving instructor cars during the licensing school sessions

  • Right seat skills

  • Helping students practice deliberately

  • Common challenges that students face and how to overcome them

  • Open discussion about possible improvements to the Program.

Final Notes:

Please take advantage of this event. SWMS has planned this for the last few years and it has been very beneficial for the racing season. Benefits include:

  • Technical inspections are more thorough and result in the corresponding safety improvements. During the annual, one-day inspections, functions and equipment are evaluated for many cars in a way that would be impractical if done at each race event and which might result in an important safety function not being demonstrated.

  • Drivers do not have to address technical issues on race day and have time to make corrections and upgrades as required.

  • Technical Inspectors do not have the race day demand of rigorously evaluating all of the cars and gear involved

On behalf of SWMS, I encourage you to participate in this important event. This is one of the most beneficial events of the racing season for both the drivers and for SWMS.

I look forward to seeing you at the track. Let’s get ready to race!!

Scott Claunch

#33 Miata




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