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SWMS 2019 Year End Celebration!

Southwest Motorsport had the 2019 racing year end celebration November 16 at the home of John and Lisa Colbert. The event was well attended, about 30 club members from all the racing groups were present. Gary Sanford the club President was the master of ceremonies. Gary recapped the highly successful 2019 racing year. Over 60 different drivers (13 through the High Performance Driving School) were present at the 7 weekend events put on by Southwest Motorsport. The weekend events included two at the Arroyo Seco track near Demming, and five at the Southwest Motorsport home track Sandia Raceway in Albuquerque. The year also included a Technical Inspection and Worker and Instructor Training day at Enerpulse (Burgers and Dogs included). All in all it was a busy, and safe, year for Southwest Motorsport!

The celebration included the handing out of trophies to the Kart, Open Wheel, Spec Miata, Vintage, and Contemporary class winners. The winners are shown in the “results” section of this website under “results 2019”. That said the overall class winners were Ayrton Cahan Shifter Karts (won by 1 point over Gabriel Cahan!), Garth Schneider Tag Karts, Larry Haynes Open Wheel, Jerry Stoughton Spec Miata, Ross Kells in Vintage, and Larry Pittsley who won by 2 points over Zane Meyers for Contemporary. All-in-all a VERY competitive year!!

This year two custom made (thank you Andrew) new trophy’s were awarded! Earlier in the year the “Sandia Super Cup” was awarded to Scott Claunch for winning the first ever time handicapped, reverse order start, 30 minute, all classes combined race. This race had 22 entrants each with a chance to win! Scott was fortunate to start near the front, run lap times consistent with his best, and “keep it clean”. The second trophy was given out at the celebration, the “John Deere” award, for the “most creative use of the landscape”! This award was scored and awarded by the club president Gary Sanford. Gary explained that based on his observations this award was more competitive than folks might think! The John Deere trophy was awarded to Dub Girand.

Each year the club President hands out a special award for Volunteer of Year. For 2019 the award was given to Vic Yarberry. Gary explained that Vic is the Southwest Motorsport timekeeper, and without his tireless support we drivers would have no idea how the races turn out! Especially the Sandia Cup-a challenge to score since it is a timed handicap, reverse start race. Thank you Vic!

One of the highlights of the evening was Gary giving out the club Award of Merit. This award is not given each year and is at the discretion of the club President. As an acknowledgement of his great contribution to Southwest Motorsport the award was given for 2019 to Jerry Stoughton. Jerry has been instrumental in the success of SWMS, not only the conduct of races as Race Chairman, but as the Treasurer. Gary explained that Jerry not only keeps the checkbook, writes the checks, but also puts into place the race schedule working with the track managers and if thats not enough Jerry also negotiates and puts into place the SWMS club insurance policy….phew! Thank you Jerry!

Gary then thanked the outgoing SWMS board members and welcomed the incoming 2019 club officers introducing President Gary Sanford, Vice President Zane Meyers, Treasurer John Colbert, Secretary Andrew Sanford, and the At Large Board Members Megan Tribble, Jerry Stoughton, Steve Marino and Scott Claunch. In addition, Gary thanked our sponsors for their generous support-Car Crafters (Jim Guthrie), Performance Motorsports (Russ Kelso), Highway Supply (Dub Girand) and Travers Mechanical (Mike Travers).

With that a wonderful dinner was had at John and Lisa’s! Lots of lively conversation getting ready for a great 2020 racing year! A special thanks to Wendy Meyers and Viola Adams for organizing and contributing to the Southwest Motorsport celebration!



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