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UPDATED: 2020 SWMS Annual Technical Inspection

Racers time to get ready! Southwest Motorsport is conducting the annual pre-technical inspections for club racers and race cars. These important annual inspections will be performed under the supervision of the Chief Technical Inspector for the club. Items inspected will include those listed in the Driver and Race car safety requirements posted on the Southwest Motorsport web page. At successful completion of the inspections the car and log book will be annotated.

For the 2020 racing season, Southwest Motorsport will continue the new inspection process. For cars and drivers that have successfully completed the full annual pre-technical inspection no track day inspection will be required unless something significant has been altered on the race car. The driver will be responsible to show the car log book with successful 2020 annual pre technical inspection documentation.

Where: Dave Porters shop/residence at 2909 Arno St NE, ABQ.

When: 10am-2pm June 20 (next Saturday)

What: This will be race car technical inspection only, there is no charge, no training or other activities will be conducted, no other club activities will occur-this will only be tech'ing of cars.

Large trailers/haulers can park about 1 block south on Edith at the Business park, in front or behind. Usually empty on Saturday. Dave has a circular drive, cars on open trailers can stay on the trailer, cars in box or large trailers will need to unload and pull through. The plan is to have Dave/Ken stationary and pull through one at a time for inspection. We're going for spacing this out so you need not be there at 10 but before 2.

Please RSVP (and put in a time-ish) so that we have an idea of how many folks will be there and can take a shot at knowing the spacing.

There is also a Mike Travers organized track session at Sandia Raceway on June 21. Get your car teched on Saturday and head up to Sandia to test and tune (or race) on Sunday! Let Mike know if you're planning on Sunday at Sandia

Getting your cars tech done June 20 will ensure that drivers don't miss any track time waiting for tech at the first SWMS weekend July 11/12! Announcements for the first SWMS event will be out before the end of this month-but it is expected that SWMS will have a full schedule both days. We're putting this together quickly so if there are questions please don't hesitate to ask!

A couple reminders for tech day!

Be sure to bring your car log book and a filled out tech inspection sheet available from the website.

This is a reminder to fellow racers attending annual tech that while restrictions are easing, we’re still operating in a pandemic. While we’re continuing to learn about this disease there are three things that are important to keep in mind.

  1. People without symptoms can carry and spread the disease

  2. The disease is spread primarily through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks

  3. While the length of time varies with conditions the virus can live on surfaces for a while and touching your eyes mouth or nose after touching an infected surface and infect you

There’s more information in the attached CDC fact sheet. Keeping these things in mind we’re asking that participants in the SWMS annual tech follow the following guidelines:

  • Only one person per car during the tech inspection

  • Masks highly recommended

  • Maintain proper social distancing

Thanks for your support!! Please let me know if you're attending!

Gary Sanford

President SWMS



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