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Winter Series Race 1, February 19th 2023, Sandia Speedway, ABQ NM.

Hello racers and race fans! SWMS has agreed to organize and run the Winter Series Races for 2023. The first race in the short two race season is scheduled for February 19th. Weather is expected to be in the 50’s, just perfect for a day at the track. Please come and knock the rust off of your driving skills in your Miata, Vintage, Contemporary, kart, or Legends car, and have some fun!

Initial schedule: 9:00 drivers meeting 10:00 first session on Track 1st session-Practice 2nd session-Qualifying (by time) 3rd session-Sprint race 6 or 7 laps 4th session-Main race 12 laps. Usually done around 1:00. No lunch break, just run until we’re done.

Cost will be $140 for the single day for cars and $95 per kart. MSR is open (link provided below) and accepting registration for the event. SWMS strong preference is for each entrant to use MSR to register and pay for the event. MSR makes everything much easier for race day preparations. While registering, please take a minute and update or fill out your profile to be ready for the new 2023 season. SWMS needs all the car and transponder information so that we can provide it to our registrar and timing/scoring.

As this is a first-time event for SWMS, we're requesting that if you are planning to attend, please send Jerry Stoughton ( an email stating that you're coming as we need an accurate car count. We need 10 cars and 3 or 4 karts to make this a breakeven proposition for SWMS and the track.

SWMS procedures, race control, safety workers will all be in effect for the Sunday race. Ambulance crew and tow truck will be there just in case. Tech (Dave and/or Ken) will be there to inspect your race car. Last year's annual inspection will be fully considered, so please have logbooks available. Since this is a short day with fewer than normal race groups, we will not have a lunch break, and the concession stand will not be open. Please bring food and drinks as needed during the day.

Sports car racing in NM is up and running again for the 2023 season and we are looking forward to seeing everyone!




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